Posted on: April 9, 2008 12:48 pm
Edited on: April 9, 2008 12:50 pm

Karma is a beeeotch!!!

First off, i will tell you the story that I was relaying to a co-worker when I realized just how tricky Karma can be.

I had taken my sons to the park last night and we walked down to a Gazebo that was next to the Boat launch on the river.  A Gentleman in his 50's (the age is a guess) was loading his boat onto his trailer.  His blazer was backed up to waters edge and the trailer was into the water.  He already had the front of the boat hooked to his trailer but the rear end of the boat kept swinging to the side.  After backing up his vehicle then pulling forward a couple times in an attempt to settle the boat into place, the man got out of his blazer and decided to try and maneuver the boat into position.  He tiptoed through the edge of the water and climbed onto the bumper of his vehicle, then slowly inched his way out the beam of the trailer that connects to his tow ball on the bumper.  Finally within arms reach of the boat, he reached out and grabbed a bar on the front of the boat.  At this point he relaxed a little having reached his destination.  Unfortunately for him, the bar broke sending him crashing backward.  His lower back hit on the edge of the bumper of his vehicle and he dropped on his butt into the water.

Now before you pile onto me for laughing, picture yourself standing there watching this and tell me you wouldn't laugh at the site of this.

I did....I busted out laughing.  My wife, being slightly more polite than me, asked the man if he was ok.  You could see in the mans face that he was going to be in a little pain for a few days from hitting his back on the bumper, but being a man, he didn't want to let on that it hurt.  He simply laughed and said, I figured I would get a little wet so I just got it out of the way.

So now back to the Karma issue......

I was relaying this story to a co-worker and we were both sharing a good laugh.  as soon as I finished telling the story, I felt something hit the edge of my hat and the side of my face.  I instantly felt my face and looked at my hand....Sure enough, a bird had just crapped on me.

I guess that is what I get for laughing at anothers misfortunes.  Karma really does has a sense of humor.

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Posted on: April 8, 2008 4:48 pm

I want to leave work early!

On most days, especially a day like today when it is sunny and 75, I want to leave work to go to a ballgame, play a round of golf, meet up with my wife for a nooner, or just lounge around the house doing nothing in particular.

Today was a bit different though.  I have already mentioned how nice it is today and believe me, the thought crossed my mind to take half the day off and go swing the crooked sticks.  But I called my wife to see if she had made it home yet.  When she answered, I could hear my son in the background talking.  My wife put me on speaker phone and he was saying, "Play ballgame with daddy!" 
I was ready to walk out the door when my boss came in and told me that I had to get a project done before the end of the day.  So here I am, stuck at work, and wanting to be elsewhere.  But for one of the first times, it's not to do something for me.
Having kids and them growing up will do that to ya.

To all of the people in this world who take that day when they can and spend as much QT with their kids as possible, my hat is off to you.  It's great to be a parent.

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